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The community develops new versions of Drupal. It organizes regular conferences, provides advises and answers questions.


  1. Uses Symfony2 framework

  2. OOP access are integrated into the core

  3. REST web service

  4. PHPunit tests

  5. Smaller Drupal´s core, division of some modules

  6. Native responsive design

  7. HTML 5 structure

  8. Better partition of configuration data and other content

  9. Superior user interface 

05. 03. 2015

Drupal means never ending innovation without useless costs. There are new updates contributed on daily bases and also new features are added. You can rely that your websites keeps the current trends and never gets out of the fashion.

05. 03. 2015

If you are focused on complex projects, SASS is your smart helpmate. SASS is CSS pre-processor and CSS development is much faster, compact and sophisticated.

Among of its main functions are:

  1. Variables- if you want to change colour of 15 components, you don't have to search for 15 CSS selectors, you simply rewrite the value of a variable.

  2. Nesting- Do you do dislike endless selectors, which mostly contain the selector of element's parent? Use nesting.

  3. Partials- create CSS partials which you can insert into other files. That is how you ensure modularity and structure.

  4. Operators - they allow you to set up mathematical expressions into the CSS values.

  5. Mixins- you surely know the CSS3 expressions which are different for every browser. This function integrates them into one writing – for example:

  6. @mixin border-radius($radius) {
      -webkit-border-radius: $radius;
         -moz-border-radius: $radius;
          -ms-border-radius: $radius;
              border-radius: $radius;
    .box { @include border-radius(10px); }


EXTEND/INHERIT- enables to define basic set-up of the element.

05. 03. 2015

If you are going down the river, the hook is probably not very popular, but in Drupal´s world it is the essential basis of everything.

The core browse progressively through the list of hooks and considers every permitted module to “hook up” if this module implements the hook. You can imagine the particular hook as an event, for example, deleting of the user. Hook shows how the Drupal´s core servers all modules. If there is the order (display the page, store the element, delete the file..), the core browse through the list of hooks and the module has a chance to hook up. The hook is implemented by this module. You can imagine the particular hook as an event. The Drupal´s core has a number of such hooks (the list here) but you have the possibility to implement your own hook to work with events important for your application. 

05. 03. 2015

There are lots of modules to operate forms (the best-known is Webform in Drupal, but it also has two more useful functions. Hooks hook_form_alter and hook_form_validate allows you to automatically adapt generated forms by Drupal and simultaneously provides their special validation. 

05. 03. 2015

Nobody likes waiting for page to load. It is the rule - the slower web, the lower profit. There are many procedures to speed up web loading. One of them is to buy a high-performance iron. If you use Drupal, the problem can be solved at much lower costs. Our specialists are able to set up systems of caching of web content more effectively so you would have no need to buy other systems. Drupal supports Content Delivery Network (CDN) caching of the state content or aggregating JAVA SCRIPT and CSS files. 

05. 03. 2015

Drupal is flexible modular system with indefinite possibilities of its development. Drupal´s team devised a preloaded module. We have lots of distributions which focus on particular spheres, the development is therefore much faster. For example: news service, intranet, e-shops, social webs, media contents, etc. 

05. 03. 2015

Drupal has more than one million of registered fans. They are very helpful, they answer questions, recommend suitable solutions, correct mistakes in modules, design new features. Moreover, a DrupalCon conference is organized twice or three times a year. It is a great opportunity for everyone who loves Drupal. You can meet a number of people, discuss problems and get many informations. And last, but not least, you can take the next step in your career.

05. 03. 2015

Google Analytics became standard for monitoring the behaviour of Internet users. The connection between GA and Drupal speeds up the work. You can view statistics on our web and you have more opportunities to get the information from Google Analytics. 

05. 03. 2015