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DRUPAL 8 is not yet produced officially, but as you can see on this web, it works perfectly. Some of you might ask why do we correct something that works very well. Well, Drupal 7 works wonderfully, but the development cannot be stopped. We like Drupal and we also appreciate new advantages and functions of Drupal 8. Drupal 8 brings new functions and advantages. I shall mention the most important changes.

The mobile version

Drupal plans the big progress in the field of smart phones. Methods of responsive web display are not new. Drupal´s developers claim that mobile is the DNA of the whole core. With the access mobile- first you will not load the whole content and then switch it to the minimalistic display. There will be progress in editing and loading news to your mobile phone, while you are, for example, waiting for the delayed train. It will be easy to do.

Multilingual support

Previous Drupal versions managed to create multilingual web, as you can find out from our reference. The progress is in translation of implemented texts. he discovered Drupal 8 should enable automatic translation updates through the assistance of developer community in the Czech Republic.

Editing text

Drupal 8 is the first historical version that implements WYSIWYG editor in the core. This is perfect news for developers. The other excellent news for users is the possibility of better work with editor buttons. Drupal 8 uses HTML 5 tags, which is very useful for saving of photo labels. Your editors will be more than happy with “inline edit”. Nowadays, it is necessary to find an article, click on it and after loading the editing page, to correct and save it. Drupal 8 brings the possibility to click on “Quick edit” and therefore to correct the text directly. Our copy writers bring coffee to our ITS since the development of this function.


Drupal 8 developers found out that it is better to divide some modules from the core. Some modules, such as Anketa, Blog, or Profile, will not be in the core any more, they will be available as detached module. Drupal 8 contains module Views in the core. Drupal 8 has OOP access and symphony framework. There are also PHP unit test, web service.

Who will choose Drupal 8?

We love progress. We love well done things. We love our software designers. We love our users.

In July 2014, at the time of writing this text, Drupal 8 is not perfectly suitable for creating corporate webs and web portals. There will be necessary to correct mistakes first. However, it is the best opportunity to use it for creating small webs and be ready to use it for big webs in the future. This page explains in easy way what it actually is.


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