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We can design hosting solution tailored to your Drupal website, that is stable and 100% functional.

We have over 10 years of experience in the area of development and running of big Drupal project, such as websites for the biggest Czech media: ČT24 - Česká Televize, FTV Prima, or Český Rozhlas.

Our Drupal hosting provides:

  • High performance and availability
  • Monitoring + Helpdesk 24/7
  • Cloud high-availability solution
  • Ability to scale performance according to the needs of your website.
  • Support of various PHP versions - PHP 7.1, 7.0, 5.4, 5.2
  • HTTPs security protocol
  • Modern technologies IPv6, HTTP/2
  • Possibility of having a separate testing and production database
  • Expert team od administrators
  • Years of experience with running of both big and small websites

Hosting for small websites

We run dozens of “small” websites. Those are usually company websites such as: or micro websites and thematic websites used for company or product promotion such as:,

Hosting of small websites usually involves helping client with domain registration, DNS setup, Google analytics management, e-mail management and other small IT things that clients usually can’t handle on their own.

Hosting for semi-large websites or e-shops

By semi-large we mean websites with over 15 000 daily hits. For those websites we use advanced caching methods for fast loading, along with software such as Ngingx, Memcache, Reddis, Drupal boost. We monitor all the websites in our care and if a problem occurs such as slow loading or inability do display pages, we immediately start working on the solution of the problem, or we notify your webmaster or developer, if the problem is code-related.

Thematic website:

Hosting for large websites

Large websites are typically ran on tens or even hundreds of servers, so that the traffic load is distributed. We use so called cluster solutions. The basis of our cluster is made with Corosync a PaceMaker programs. We also employ Nginx, MySQL Galera Cluse a HACluser.

Drupal is one of them most demanding website systems. Websites with high traffic need to be cached both in PHP compilation, as well as on the website generation side.We use Memcache or Redis for caching of PHP calculations. Generated websites are usually cached on the web server, for which we use Nginx or Varnish, while in past we used Squid server as well. Ideally, cache re-validation runs in the background. That way we can ensure that the website is loaded immediately for visitors.

For big website hosting it’s key to plan how is the code going to be developed and tested. Programmers have their developer and test servers, where they can test their code before committing it to production server. Architecture of test servers is always the same as that of the production server.

Automatic monitoring and its evaluation is of course included. We monitor functionality and server load for each application. We also routinely check if websites are loaded correctly, typically from various locations.

Big and famous websites are often targeted by hackers, who want to make a name for themselves by successfully taking down a website of significant size. That is why we update Drupal core routinely, while keeping an eye out for DDOS attacks which can render a website inaccessible.

Some of our big websites that run on Drupal:

Frequently asked questions

  • Do you have experience with hosting websites with huge traffic load?
    We are hosting several websites with the biggest traffic in Czech republic: news websites for ČT24, Prima and Český rozhlas. These have millions of hits on daily basis. The numbers rise even higher when something important happens (elections, plane crash, terrorist attack) or when a popular TV show ends.
  • Are you capable of meeting the technical needs that are specific to our website?
    We most likely are capable of that. Our programmer are in close contact with our website admins, so that our servers are configured to meet the specific needs of every website. We've been working with programmers from ČT and Český rozhlas to reflect their needs while configuring their servers. We also set up a separate test and development servers for them.
  • Are you monitoring the availability of websites hosted on your servers?
    Yes, all our servers are under continuous monitoring. For large projects, the page view rate and correct page form are also monitored online.
  • Do you use some HA (high availability) technology to achieve high availability and sites?
    Yes, web and database servers, as well as other hosting software components, are run in HA configuration. For this we use OpenSource technologies such as Nginx, Corosync, PaceMaker or Docker.
  • Can you protect sites from Internet attacks?
    We are working with Internet Service Provider (ISP) to protect servers from DDOS attacks.
  • Will you help me move my site from the current operator?
    Yes, we will arrange for the site to be moved from the current operator. First, we do a web analysis, find out what version of PHP is best for the site, how demanding a site is and identify vulnerabilities. According to the analysis, we will then select the best possible type of hosting for the site. We'll make a test copy of the site on our hosting site to test it. In the final stage, we will move the site - without loss of data and with a minimum shutdown.

    In the past, we have also moved sites that the previous administrator no longer wanted to run because they were infected or repeatedly targeted by strong DDOS attacks.
  • Can you help me with editing and developing my site?
    We have a wide team of capable programmers. Most of the sites, Drupal sites that we host, have also been programmed.