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We will introduce you to Drupal and pass on our long-standing knowledge. We have prepared a consulting training for you, which will be adapted to your experience with this system.

Here you will find information on the course and organization of our training courses. And we also offer tailor-made training, where we will focus in detail on a selected area within Drupal that will be of particular interest to you.

Training for novice Drupal users

In this training, you will learn about all of these topics. We recommend it to everyone who wants to gain a basic knowledge of Drupal's functionalities and to manage content issues on it.

What can we talk about?

  • Drupal's principles
  • Publishing, editing, content management
  • Text formatting
  • Work with pictures, photo galleries
  • Recommendations for SEO methodology when working with text
  • List of suitable modules to facilitate work
  • Explanation of user roles and permissions
  • Workflow settings for an article approval system
  • And much more

Training for advanced webmasters and developers

This training course will be very technical. It is recommended for technically oriented and active developers and programmers from your company.

What can we talk about?

  • Drupal's principles
  • Community introduction, tutorials, best practices
  • Drupal administration
  • Installation and administration of modules
  • Work with the blocks, administration Views
  • Development of own modules, explanation of Coding standards
  • Working with forms
  • Working with the database
  • Setting up automatic SEO techniques
  • Implementation of third party systems (LDAP, Google account login,…)
  • And much more

Training/consultation according to your requirements

We will adapt to you as much as possible and prepare unique training on a selected topic for the needs of your company. We know that every site is unique, so it's ideal to discuss a particular site.

What we will need from you

Write to us about what you need to know about your website, as well as what you already know. If you use contrib modules (tailor-made) - we will need your account login before the training, so that our trainer can be well informed about your website.

After preparing the training, we will guide you through the website, teach you what you want to know, and it does not matter whether via teleconference or in person.

Preparation of instructions

As a part of our consulting services, we will offer you above-standard elaboration of instructions for the activities you need. We will calculate a price according to the extent of training preparation.

Standard organizational information for our training

We can organize training both in our premises on Výtoň and stop by at your company - it depends on the agreement. We can also connect with you via video call.

Expect that you will complete the training with us according to the required points in the training within the timeframe. It is the rule that at least the same time is needed to prepare for the training.

We work according to the hourly rate and the price of the training depends on its laboriousness and length.