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REMAK a.s. is a Czech manufacturer of high-quality air-handling devices with a tradition dating back to 1992. The scope of the company reaches a global scale, so our goal was to create a modern website with multilingual support. Currently, the site supports seven language versions, including Cyrillic support in Russian and Ukrainian.

The determining element in the design of the website was the tiled display of mainly signpost pages. An important element for user experience is also the implementation of fully responsive design. It makes the website clear and intuitive when viewed on all browsers.

A sophisticated editorial backend is implemented on the website, which enables the handling of many types of content, from news through products to individual job forms or documents. The document system offered us a great challenge because even while maintaining the coherence of the language versions of one document, it allows us to set different visibility of physical files.

Technologies used

  • CMS Drupal 7
  • PHP, Apache web server, MySQL database
  • Language versions of the website
  • Responsive design

It is worth mentioning in particular:

  • Tile design
  • The sophisticated document publishing system
  • Notification email support - news subscription according to user preferences
  • Implementation of Mass/Bulk mailing support including archive messages
  • Automatically generated slider content
  • Automatically generated image sizes
  • Connecting with Google Analytics and Yandex
  • Assigning default forms to content
  • Internal content referencing options - link-building support
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