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Drupal security is top notch. Our big clients such as Česká Televize and Český Rozhlas know this because keeping their data security is their top priority.

Abroad, there are 8 millions of websites that run on Drupal. For example, Tesla Motors, the White House, MTV, Michael Jackson fansite or NASA all use Drupal

What makes Drupal's security so strong that it makes sense to safely use it for big projects?

The fact that Drupal is Open Source

Anyone can contribute to the development of Drupal. That's why there is constant monitoring of functionality and security of the source code.

When a mistake or security risk is found in the code, a security patch is immediately released by the official community.

Modules authorized by Drupal

These are called contrib moduls and are authorized by the developer community. Each contrib module contains key information, such as:

  • Number of downloads,
  • developer rating,
  • update frequency.

Examples of modules with security features

  • Password policy - defines rules for password creation
  • Secure Password Hashes - hashing of passwords
  • Login Security - sets up a number of wrong password entries before user gets blocked