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We will provide a complete audit of your website. We have specialists in the proper functioning of the site in our team: from developers to SEO specialists. We will find problems, their causes and propose optimal solutions.

Web frontend and backend audit

We most often encounter the solution of displaying pages on mobile devices. Different versions of Android or iOS and different display sizes may be displayed incorrectly, spoiling the impression of the web. Often the site operator itself does not know about the specific problems but discourages users. We will find these problems and offer you a solution to responsiveness.

We will also check the validity of the HTML code, the correct behaviour of the images, basic SEO requirements such as robots.txt, sitemap.xml or page titles. We will point out what to improve so that your Drupal website works as it should, looks nice and has a user-friendly effect.

We standard check:

  • if the injected codes are infected;
  • the interoperability of custom modules with other parts of the site;
  • the timeliness and correct setting of contrib modules or functionality and especially the vulnerability of custom modules.
  • the usability of the modules for other developers - we will adjust them so that someone other than the one who added them to the website can work on them without any restrictions.

SEO audit for website on Drupal

Your website does not attract more customers, but you don't know why. Many things can cause these issues: for example, wrong automatically generated URL, links to non-existent pages, the structure of headings, entries in low-quality directories. Based on our SEO audit, you will find out how to proceed.

High search rankings are not the primary goal of SEO. It's not about bringing as many people as possible on the web, but above all about the right ones who will stay on the site and perform the required action. All this will be ensured by our team thanks to specialized tools and many years of experience. Our team will detect issues with URLs, backlinks, site linking, keywords, duplicate content, metadata, technical optimization tools, and other aspects of a wide range of search engine optimization sites.

Web accessibility audit

Act 64/2008 specifies requirements that must be met by the websites of the state institutions. For example, it must also make information accessible to visually impaired users. We'll identify which statutory features are missing or not working properly, and we'll ensure that the site meets everything you need.