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Drupal 7 is an open source editorial system. Drupal is used to create web portals and websites. Users and developers like it.

Couple of numbers

Drupal 7 is currently the most widespread version of this open source editorial system. It was activated on the 5th of January 2011, and it becomes more and more popular. Today, it is the cornerstone for 800 000 web portals, which is more than 60% of current Drupal solutions. The most known web pages, which use Drupal 7, are for example:,, World, etc. It is very progressive system within the software market.

The advantages

At this point, it is a system that achieved the best age. It is stabilized and has a big number of voluntary developers. There are a few thousands free of charge modules. Drupal fans meat on regular conferences. It is very unlikely that you will find such a problem that has not been solved or discussed yet.

User´s pleasure

Do you want to add an article to the list of news in 2 clicks? To upload new photos from your PC? To share the content directly on social networks? With DRUPAL it is not a problem. Media and news servers like it very much.

Content administration

It is the strongest advantage of the whole system. For example, you have a firm and you want to add:

  1. A new constant page (Contacts, some new information about the firm etc.)

  2. Some new update from your field of work, new technology, PF, etc.

  3. reference

  4. Gallery - new photos

  5. Company diary- some important events, such as courses or promo-actions

No problem, of course. Other users or a secretary can do it but the boss should control everything before you put it on the web.

Effective performance

Drupal 7 likes big projects. The Drupal´s web is able to manage enormous number of visitors at one moment.

Why is Drupal 7 the best?

Drupal 8 was already created but it is be necessary to correct its errors. Drupal 7 is very popular in developer´s community now. There are many modules that are able to comply with your requests. It has high-quality support and it will continue to the future. The new version will contain all data. If you want to have a good web, Drupal 7 is the right choice.


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