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Migration from older version to D8

Our clients often come with Drupal 4.7 and ask what should they do. We recommend migrating first to Drupal 5, then to Drupal 6 and skip to Drupal 8 after that. Which brings us to important question about migration from older Drupal versions to D8 - why should you do it? Migration brings 2 big benefits.
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Migration from WordPress to Drupal

WordPress is an excellent choice for small-scale websites, but what happens when you grow bigger? What if you need to add an e-shop, forums and more? Wordpress is not suitable for that, you need more flexible and robust CMS such as Drupal.
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Migration from Joomla to Drupal

In compare with Joomla, Drupal has active community of developers, who constantly come up with new features, upgrades and up-to-date security measures.
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Migration from TYPO3 to Drupal

Are you planning on leaving TYPO3 for the newest version of Drupal? We will gladly assist you during the process of migration. If you were convinced that you found the right solution for your website, Drupal 8 is bound to impress you because it takes things to whole new level.
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