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TOP 10 e-commerce modules you need for your Drupal shop

Although e-commerce is not the primary component of Drupal's core, many benefits of this content management system can be utilized with the help of several e-commerce modules. In the following article, we will tell you which modules are the most important ones and which should be considered in the e-shop performance. It has been found that approximately 56% of in-store purchases begin in an online environment where visitors are exposed to digital advertising. It is, therefore, appropriate to consider the most appropriate solution to attract prospects effectively.

Drupal Commerce

Drupal Commerce is the basic solution in cases where you want to run an e-shop on Drupal. In essence, it is a framework that is designed to be as flexible as possible and therefore tailored to your wishes and demanding requirements.

This module covers all essential aspects of e-commerce solutions; from a shopping cart to the product catalogue. Besides, it offers a wide range of customization options and supports scalability (putting it simply, cost savings), which is especially beneficial for large-scale businesses.

Commerce Kickstart

Commerce Kickstart is a suitable solution if you want to get started with your e-shop as quickly as possible and do not require any complicated features. The solution is quick because it contains several built-in configurations and modules that make launching an e-shop quick and easy.

Module solving pricing based on predefined rules

If you want to show your customers different prices, you can set pricing rules in the "Commerce Price Rule" module according to your requirements.

The product's price is calculated based on the defined calculation method which can be a percentage or fixed amount off the base product price, a price defined on a price list, or a custom solution.

Determining the visitor's geographical location based on the IP address

In connection with the those mentioned above displaying different prices, it is also worth mentioning the introduction of the module "IP-based Determination of a Visitor's Country", which uses the IP address of the website visitor to determine his or her geographic location.

The data are then stored in a database which the Commerce Price Rule module uses. This module eliminates the need to download or manually edit location-related data; the module will do it for you.

Payment gate

It will undoubtedly be in your interest as well as in the interests of customers to offer the possibility of making a payment directly in your e-shop. It requires the integration of the appropriate solution; such as using the Commerce Stripe module for credit card payments. For example, customers will be able to pay by Visa, MasterCard or American Express without leaving your website. Among other things, it is also possible to integrate the Internet payment system PayPal or Amazon Pay.

Currency converter

If you do business in several markets - which is quite common in the current era of globalization - it is certainly worth considering displaying prices in foreign currencies. To make your work as easy as possible, implement the Currency Conversion module, which adds a conversion page to your e-shop.

Module for a shipping rate calculation system

If you run an e-shop, you probably offer shipping to your customers. Instead of fixed amount for the selected shipment, it is more appropriate to use the Commerce Shipping module to adjust the amount based on the location of the end customer. Commerce Shipping is designed to integrate with other shipping modules, such as Commerce Flat Rate or Commerce UPS. One of the essential advantages of this module is that it enables the creation of a wide variety of shipping solutions; from the simplest to the complex ones which you can need as your business will increase.

Invoice modul

You probably want to keep track of all your customers' transactions. With the Drupal’s ecommerce Invoice module, you can easily generate invoices for individual purchases and customers, and then record data from them. You can choose from several templates, and you can also view or download invoices in .pdf format.


Making a wish list is not just a specific for Christmas season. It also plays an important role in the online environment, as it allows website visitors to connect exactly where they left off without having to search the products they viewed again. The Wishlist module can create the list mentioned above, which has a display of the product, a button for adding to the basket, the current stock level of the product and its price.

E-Mail Marketing: MailChimp

The Mailchimp module allows you to connect your e-shop with the online service of the same name - MailChimp - which mainly deals with sending newsletters. The advantage of the marketing strategy through E-Mail is especially the increase in the probability of sales growth and also the possibility of personalization by visitors. Visitors will decide what content they want to receive and what they don't.

Commerce modules are much more; their list can be found on the official website, where they are classified into several categories. If you need assistance with module integration, contact our experts